Saturday, 28 February 2015

Tennis Clinic

On Tuesday 17th and Tuesday 24th February, the Grade 1s attended a Tennis Clinic, held at school. 

Both grades started off by playing some games and then they did some hand-eye coordination skills by balancing a tennis ball on different parts of the racquet.

They then learnt how to do a volley and a forehand and were able to practice hitting the ball over the net.

The sessions were enjoyed by both grades!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Twilight Sports

It was so great to see so many Grade 1 families at the annual Twilight Sports on Wednesday!

Ms. Currie worked hard on the BBQ and Miss Harris helped organise the events on the night as well as taking some photos.

The winners of the Grade 1 bean-bag race were Claire and Banjo! Well done!

Monday, 9 February 2015

STOMP Dance Incursion

Sarah, from Stomp Dance Company visited Kerrimuir Primary School on Friday 6th February.

The grade 1s learnt a routine to the song ‘Time Warp’.

They learnt their routine so well, that they also got to learn some of the Grade 5/6 routine to ‘Uptown Funk’.

At the end of the day each grade performed their routines to the whole school.

It was a great day!

First Aid

Today, 1A had a special visitor from St John's First Aid. Tara came to our classroom to teach us about First Aid and how to recognise an emergency. We learnt 3 questions to ask ourselves to help us work out if it is an emergency or not.
1. Do we need to call the Police?
2. Do we need to call the Fire Brigade?
3. Do we need to call an Ambulance?
If we answer 'Yes' to any of the above questions - it is an emergency and we need to call '000'.

Tara put bandages on some of us as we were learning about First Aid and what it was.

We had a great time learning about First Aid!